C) Mediclaims & Health Insurance investigations

  1. Pre policy health status verification
  2. Discreet checks from neighbours/Villagers
  3. Treatment papers procurement from Hospitals
  4. Bills and medical papers verifications
  5. Cover any other specific check as specified by Insurance Company

Background Screening

We provide complete pre-employment eligibility support to verify professional qualification, nationality identification, and previous work experience and many of the companies nationwide have tied up with us, so they depend on us before they finalize their hiring decisions. Our quality service, fast turnaround time, accuracy and legal compliance enable any size company to hire with confidence. We conduct full-scope screening investigations of vendors to authenticate their integrity and financial position prior to you hiring them or subsequent to having signed with your company.

We carry out below mentioned activities under Background Screening / Verification services:

  1. Address Verification
  2. Education Verification
  3. Police / Criminal Check
  4. Previous Employment Verification
  5. Reference Check
  6. Criminal Database Check
  7. Identity Check
  8. Medical & Drug Screening
  9. Passport Verification
  10. Driving License verification
  11. Discreet Profile Verification
  12. Professional (Trade) Certification verification (ITI)
  13. Background Verification
  14. Public Record Searches